H-Hour: World’s Elite Pre-Alpha Gameplay

If you’ve been living under a rock H-Hour: World’s Elite was successfully Kickstarted back in July of 2013¬†and has been labeled by Creative Director, David Sears, as the spiritual successor to SOCOM 1 and 2. David is back alongside some of his old school Zipper staff that he’s brought on board to create the game […]

Has SOCOM Returned?

Almost anyone remotely interested in the SOCOM franchise knows two things for sure. The official franchise appears to have been shelved by Sony indefinitely, and David Sears had a successful KickStarter campaign recently that raised over $252,000 to break ground on “the spiritual successor to SOCOM I & II”. Today, SOF Studios released their first […]

Calling All SOCOM Fans

This is truly an exciting time to be a gamer. Next-gen consoles are on the horizon, monster AAA titles are releasing highly anticipated sequels, and exciting new IPs are poised to build new fanbases and cult followings. It is also a time when the gaming industry is quickly changing and evolving. We have had to […]

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