SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals Trilogy Coming “Soon” On Amazon?

SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals Trilogy? Wait, is this a typo? According to an Customer Service employee, it is completely true.

Back in February of this year, one of our own forum members discovered a product posted on labeled as “SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals Trilogy”, posted by non other than Sony. Within contacting customer support from Amazon they responded by saying:

“It looks like the details were posted last year, but updated last month as a continued place holder.”

The news sparked a buzz of posts in the original thread, but eventually simmered off with not much to go on.

Fast forward to today when TRS staff decided to do a random check-up out of curiosity on this so called “SOCOM Trilogy” listing for the PS2. Here’s the conversation with the Amazon employee:


So what exactly does this all mean? Is Sony planning to release the SOCOM Trilogy for the PSN once the servers are shut down at the end of this month? Does this mean that Sony could be using Gaikai to stream this?

Only time will tell. Until then, discuss this topic over at TheRealSOCOM’s Forums!

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