Confrontation Server Migration?

Did I read this thread correctly? During a “server migration” there have been issues with in-game tournaments and “the team” is working to resolve this issue? Is that yesterday’s date on the time stamp I see?

What the hell is going on here? I have so many questions to ask surrounding this post…


1. In-game tournaments are still active in SOCOM Confrontation?

I used to participate in these quite often back when Confrontation still had solid numbers online. They were special in-game tourneys that offered only one map instead of best 2 out of 3, the round times were insanely long, and half of the tourneys I entered would freeze up after a win and eject my clan from the tournament while advancing the losing team. I remember them quite well. I also recently noticed that my trophies won from these tournaments have disappeared from my profile. Now, I am guessing the tournaments listed above relate to actual in-game tournaments, which are completely separate from the in-game clan ladders. This being the case, what is the reasoning behind fixing them, or restarting these tournaments on a game that will see it’s 4th birthday in a couple of weeks? Not that I am complaining or anything, but  the fact that the old in-game tournaments are on a list of priorities after a server migration is extremely interesting from my stand point. I mean, it’s not like the game has fizzled out when it comes to active SOCOM clans. It’s not like we have a huge problem with hackers in multiplayer using modded game files with jailbroken PS3s or anything.

2. What is with the server migration? 

Does this migration have anything to do with the hackers running jail-broken PS3s? That would be awesome if it was security related. Is Confrontation finally getting demoted to a less important server? If so, why would in-game tournaments that I personally thought had been inactive for quite some time be something that needs to be addressed? The scale of importance seems to conflict if that happens to be the case. Especially after seeing the PS2 & PSP SOCOM servers get canned last August. Are they getting moved to a newly allocated space for “SOCOM” in general? If so, that opens up a whole other can of worms about why that would be the case. But let’s not jump to any “too good to be true”, hope-filled conclusions.

3. Now the SOCOM fans have a “tech team” and a Community Manager from Sony?

No complaints here. It is just odd seeing these terms come from Sony, rather than being handled by a developer who worked on a SOCOM. Does this mean that Tempest_Fire is a new CM for the fans to interact with when it comes to their SOCOM feedback? So we all didn’t have to get blocked by Shuhei Yoshida on Twitter for SOCOM spam after all? This is good to know. Either Tempest is going to meet a ton of new friends, or this is just a simple special case involving the Digital Platforms division and this CM drew the shortest straw on who gets to make the post.

4. When will the Cold Front DLC be discounted?

Is that DLC still $14.99? I think a 33 month debut was a pretty good run…


It was a little surprising to see a community manager from SCEA just waltz in and post a thread about Confrontation on the forums. It was definitely something I didn’t expect to see today. What does all this mean, if anything? Could our “new” SCEA Community Manager help shed some more light on the topic?


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