Has SOCOM Returned?

Almost anyone remotely interested in the SOCOM franchise knows two things for sure. The official franchise appears to have been shelved by Sony indefinitely, and David Sears had a successful KickStarter campaign recently that raised over $252,000 to break ground on “the spiritual successor to SOCOM I & II”. Today, SOF Studios released their first […]

SOCOM – Poland Home Movies

As a token of appreciation for the SOCOM fanbase’s support with H-Hour, David Sears has shared some never before seen footage from his home movie collection. The following footage was filmed during the early production days of SOCOM at Zipper Interactive on a research trip to Poland. If you haven’t already, be sure to stop […]

David Sears Reddit IAmA

David Sears, former Creative Director for the original SOCOM games and current Creative Director for H-Hour: World’s Elite took part in a IAmA on reddit, answering fan questions for hours. David dove deep into SOCOM, the gaming industry and of course H-Hour. It is a compelling read for any SOCOM fan and it really proves […]

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