Actor who played Jim Lahey from Trailer Park Boys died

Discussion in 'Mindless Ramblings' started by dizee, Oct 16, 2017.

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    first few seasons are for sure. after season 4 or 5, not so much

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    I'd say seasons 1-5, and Season 7 & 8 are worth it. But if you're going to watch the show, you might as well watch the whole thing. The Swazey Express Cegrit Train was funny, but a little too ridiculous lol

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    Definitely a show worth watching, but it does take a few episodes to get into.

    Jim Lahey was my favorite character on the show... “The liquor made me do it Randy”
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    Been a fan of TPB for years, it's filmed quite close to where I live, and I actually have a relative who will be an extra in the upcoming season which is pretty cool. Very much a crying shame to hear about this. As goofy as the show is now, I was getting invested in the new developments between Ricky and Lahey, and I hope that they had managed to film most of the season before yesterday so that we can have one last hurrah from this man.

    Personally, maybe it's a bit of a controversial or touchy thing to do, but I think maybe they should take this opportunity to ground the series back into some semblance of reality. A lot of fucking ridiculous things have transpired in this show, a lot of actors have left (Jonathan Torrens, Michael Jackson, that fuck who played Cyrus, etc.) and we already lost Philadelphia Collins recently. But the show cannot continue much longer without Dunsworth, I feel. I think they should give Lahey a proper sendoff, and depict a setting where the boys no longer have him as a foil or antagonist. Show how it affects them mentally when they lose this man who, for better or for worse, has been a fixture in their lives for so long. Maybe I'm hoping for something a little too dramatic for a show that once depicted a fat man with a pompadour jumping over an inflatable cheeseburger, but it seemed to me that the last season began to focus on some more serious subject matter.
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    the show really fell apart from me when cory and trevor left. i know cory came back but ever since they both left the quality of the show was very poor IMO.

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