H-Hour Beta Community Night 4/10/15!

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    LUKENBACHER (Retired) TRS Staff

    So I created a custom room on the H-Hour servers today. I am not sure if it showed up in the listing for everyone else, but I thought we might try to do a Community Night tonight if anyone is interested.

    Where? H-Hour Beta
    Server? TheRealSOCOM.com (custom lobby - no password)
    Time? 8pm Central

    We will try to livestream the action as well for those of you that can't join us. Who is in?
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  2. CDriVe-

    CDriVe- Night Stalker

    Do we have a VOIP available?

    LUKENBACHER (Retired) TRS Staff

    Steam voice chat or Skype?

    LUKENBACHER (Retired) TRS Staff

    I am in Chicago #2.

    LUKENBACHER (Retired) TRS Staff

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  6. Synikz

    Synikz Butterstick

    That video and every damn word you said in that video is so true, and the biggest investment that anyone can make in H-Hour is for Tom to invest some time to listen to what you said in that video and to soak it all up.

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