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    Does anybody have this? It got released last year with each chapter being released as DLC of the course of a year or something. This is the collection of all the chapters plus like 6 bonus missions.

    I just started it, but its playing just like the Hitman series from the PS2 with sandbox maps, multiple ways of ingress/egress, ways to assassinate, strategy, etc. The PS3 Hitman was very linear and held your hand through the game, this seems to be a return to Hitman's roots that lets the player explore the map and come up with different and creative ways to achieve objectives.

    I'm loving it so far and it looks like I'll be playing this for a while as the 1st level is quite challenging already so I'm expecting things to just get harder.
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    I think this is the one I saw on steam and almost purchased but I was put off by it being released in chapters. I was planning on holding off and picking the whole thing up when its on sale.

    I have heard good things though.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Yea bro they released the WHOLE thing now.


    I got mine for like 30 bucks. Physical copy comes with 6 bonus Sarajevo missions, 3 other bonus missions one of which hasnt been released yet. I looked in the menu and it appears there are at least a dozen missions in the game so you get around 20 missions in total. Im still on the training mission at the start of the game and it feels just like the old Hitmans with better graphics.

    Its not even one of the real mission maps either, its a training facility where you have to complete recreated missions from prior games. Sort of like the Metal Gear VR Missions, except this one has a full size yacht in something like a soundstage at a movie studio, lol. Its really bad ass. I cant wait to get into the meat of the game. If you're a fan of the original Hitman games this is a must buy.

    All told it says there is over 100 hours of gameplay.
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    I've seen footage of this new Hitman, my main thing I drew from it is that it's a very fun mechanic to be able to hurl fire extinguishers at people's heads and concuss the fuck out of them.

    I bought the Hitman Collection when it came to PS3, played about an hour of Contracts, and sucked so fucking hard at it that I haven't gone back yet. Game doesn't frig about.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Ok so I'm about 2 or 3 hours into playing and I'm past the opening training mission and playing the first mission and yea, this game is great. It has everything the original Hitman series had with better graphics and an even more immersive atmosphere. This is what I always had in mind for how a hit PS2 game SHOULD be done on PS4.

    It has the same feel and mechanics of the original with improvements in every area without changing the soul of the game. It seems to be the antithesis of the hold your hand, linear, dumbed down games we have all become so used to. Your player is free to explore the entire map and figure out on your own what will be the best strategy to complete your mission.

    Items and weapons are hard to find and require effort and some critical thinking to aquire as well as how to implement them in your strategy. Its not just run around the map and wait for a Triangle icon to pop up and tell you what to do. When failing a mission you go back to the beginning of the mission, there arent checkpoints every 30 seconds so you have to be very careful in your approach.

    There is a serious premium on stealth and blending in. You cant just pull out your guns and start lighting up everybody and massacre 50 people while also killing your target and be able to complete your mission. Even in the PS2 Hitman games you could do this on certain levels and difficulty settings, but if you try that here, you WILL get fucked up by police/bodyguards, etc.

    So far this is the best example of how a classic game on a current generation console should be done and I am thrilled I decided to get this game and it looks like I will be spending a lot of time playing it. There are also multiple ways and strategies to kill your targets as well as many in mission side objectives (much like in the Socom series), so I envision replaying missions will be quite rewarding. Getting 100% completion would be an epic endeavor.

    So unless the game falls of a cliff after the first few hours of playing, and I cant see that happening since its set up in chapters and the gameplay should essentially be the same, I give this game a 5/5 rating and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who likes tactical 3rd person stealth type games.
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    Hitman is sublime. I would suggest playing one level for like a week before you move on. The episodic nature of the game made it better. Sucks you missed the elusive targets, those were cool too. I probably put in close to 100 hours on it, if not more.
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    I have it in my backlog on xbox but I played the first two levels pretty extensively. Really is the best hitman game in the series for sure. The amount of ways to approach your targets is absurd and seems only limited by your own creativity. One of the reasons I been putting it off is due to how indepth the game is. When I get to game I only have two or three hours at most and I could easily get lost for weeks trying out all my ideas. Got to budget the gaming time with multiplayer and such since singleplayer will always be there whenever I want it. You should try the mode where you create/play a custom contract, they add more depth to what you may have already grown tired of

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I spent like 3 or 4 hours on the first Paris mission just getting accustomed to the map and all the ways to enter the house. Theres literally dozens of ways to plan out your attack and the house is enormous and incredibly detailed. This game just oozes quality and you can see how much effort went into the game when you play it. On this one map alone I think Ive found about 10 ways to kill the targets so far. Its also incredibly challenging and there is no running and gunning, which I love.

    You're definitely right about the time sink too. This is not a game you pop in and mess around with for an hour or 2. Like I said, I spent hours just getting the lay of the map last night and didnt even come close to killing my targets.
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