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    this might help solve a lot of peoples probs.

    instructions to change orbital


    ok so we have xlink installed but we cant see any rooms, we know there is a room up so what do we do ?
    well i will try to explain briefly. basically when you load xlink it will try to give you the orbital closest to where you are in the world, this sometimes can cause problems which in turn means you will need to swap to another orbital.


    when you are on the web browser ui on xlink you will notice at the top center of the screen there is a METRICS tab if your click this tab a blue box loads on your screen with a list of things, where it says Orbital Name it will say for instance Orbital Name: Miner Host


    well to do this and the fastest way is to create short cuts on your desktop, it saves so much time and only takes a few seconds to change.


    ok so we need to make 6 short cuts in total and to do this follow these steps:

    1) on your desktop click start, then click all programs, now find xlink in your list and hover your curser over the start kia, then right click on that and go to create short cut

    2) there now is a short cut on your desktop goto it and right click on it and go down to properites, that will pop up a window on your screen, you will notice it will say target "C:\Program Files\XLink Kai\kaiEngine.exe" now we need to add a command to this, so click at the end after the exe" we add this, press spacebar once and --orb ADVANCED_ARIZONA, so the target should look like this "C:\Program Files\XLink Kai\kaiEngine.exe" -- orb ADVANCED_ARIZONA
    then we hit the apply.

    3) now hover your cursor back over that short cut and right click and rename, call it arizona and save.

    4) repeat step 1, 2, and 3 but this time use --orb ADVANCED_TORONTO and rename that short cut toronto.

    5) keep doing this and after the word ADVANCED_ add one othe the following OTTAWA, VIRGINIA, AUSTRALIA

    6) finally for you last one just use step 1 and 3 (we dont change the target) and rename delfault


    so we have 6 short cuts on desktop click your default one to start with, it will load in xlink, join s2 ntsc lobby on xlink then boot your ps2 up and login to lan, if you know tthere is a agame going but you cant see the room we need to change orbital so, you DO NOT need to log out of lan on your ps2

    1) on your desktop in the bottom right corner is your pc clock, look next to your clock and find and hover over the xlink icon and right click choose exit, this will turn off xlink. it will say detached from engine on your web ui, close that webpage also.

    2) now try your arizona short cut, xlink will boot to arizona orb if you still cant see room exit by doing step 1 again

    3) repeat these steps with all of your desktop short cuts you made till you see room.

    just keep lookin at at your tv screen to see if the room pops up after every time you change orbital, if by some chance you can see room but cant join, just log out of lan on your ps2 and log back in. (some cases very rare you will just need to reboot ps2)

    also if whenever you join socom 2 ntsc lobby or CA on xlink when you first load in. if you dont see any players in the list on right side of xlink web ui just type something in the main chat just incase you on the wrong orbital. some one should reply if there are users on or just swap orbitals to check.

    one last thing when you hit the metrics to find out what orbital your on they dont show Arizona, toronto ect so he is a list

    ARIZONA = TX Arizona
    VIRGINIA = Minor Host
    OTTAWA = Capital Orbital

    after you made your short cuts try them all to see if when going on them you get these orbitals on each one in the METRICS


    it seems a lot to take in at first but trust me when i say, once you get this set up and swap orbitals a few times you will see how quick and easy you can do it. only takes about 10 seconds to swap orbitals once you get used to it

    hope this helps
  2. Here is how to manually join the new orbitals. XLink never updated that post with the new orbitals yet.

    Capital Orbital = OTTAWA

    Team XLink HQ Orbital = TORONTO

    Make sure you click on that link COCOPOP post to figure out what you do with the orbital name.

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    bumped the thread as ive edited this and made instructions how to change see above
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    If the xlink HQ is in Toronto wouldn't it be best for me to host ???

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    doesn't work like that unfortunately.
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    Good god, this guide is about 100x longer than it needs to be.

    Go to 'run' and enter

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Xlink Kai\kaiEngine.exe --orb ADVANCED_AUSTRALIA
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Xlink Kai\kaiEngine.exe --orb ADVANCED_ARIZONA
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Xlink Kai\kaiEngine.exe --orb ADVANCED_TORONTO
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Xlink Kai\kaiEngine.exe --orb ADVANCED_OTTAWA

    That's for Windows 7, and if you have your XL installed to your root on C:// Just change the pathing as needed and G^

    I always have the best luck with Toronto and Arizona, though for some goofy reason, last night it seemed like Australia was the Orbital of choice.

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