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    So yesterday, for reasons unknown, I decided to jump into a conversation at SOFs in a thread someone created about the analytics sergeant Sears talked about prior to his leaving. There was almost two pages of "fans" there saying we didn't need it, that normal stats would be just fine, and the studio does not need to waste time developing complicated systems that help improve a players performance in-game.

    A bit saddened, it dawned on me that most of the diehard fans didn't even know what the analytics sergeant was really designed to do. It was the holy grail to stopping cheaters and hackers, so I decided to bring some other H-Hour hopefuls up to speed. Here is that post....


    I had another post with a fan after this saying I did not have anything against people that are hopeful unless they attack people that hold opposite views rather than debate their beliefs. I just advised people to have hope, but don't fill in all of the blanks and unknowns about H-Hour with your own fantasies. Instead, fill in those blanks with questions for the studio.

    Low and behold, Mr. Shotgun, decided to roll in and offer his own two cents.


    I didn't take too kindly to being called a liar, so I broke a few things down for him...


    Within 10 minutes that last post was deleted, my account was locked from posting, and 5 minutes later I was IP banned across all devices.


    Moral of the story? If SOFs calls you a liar, don't dare do the same thing back. If you act the same way a studio employee does, it violates their rules of the website or is unacceptable and results in a ban.

    On a more positive note, who is looking forward to that beta in a few weeks? Let's see if I still get a code. :)
  2. HillFerrari

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    I'm sure your ban was due to an unexpected error in the data bank. The deleted post was an error in the system too.
    A friendly SOFs mod will get back to you soon, please be patient. What a bunch of fuckwits.
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  3. swatch

    swatch Butterstick


    I was hoping you'd get banned

    .....Just Kidding:D
  4. /SS/ PEIPER

    /SS/ PEIPER Finisher

    He just banned ( or had banned since he's Rosie's husband) probably the most recognizable name in the Socom community. What a dumb ass.

    Yet one more brilliant move by the SOF CM team.
    WIT is WISDOM, I think you should have some responsibility for this too..
    Looks like they do whatever they want whether you have any input or not. You're not running jack and everybody knows it except you apparently.

    Brilliant, SOF, Brilliant.
    Really starting to build the hype for that Socom successor aren't you?
    Childish, unprofessional, and Un-American i might add.

    As far as the beta goes, Everyone already knows something's up because they're scared to show any gameplay, period.
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    I'm getting the feeling that SOFs is going to "forget" to send out beta codes to some who are supposed to be eligible for it and I wouldn't be surprised if the people they "forget" about happen to have a history of criticizing developments that have happened along the way. Guess we'll have to wait and see how that plays out. I've tried to talk people in to hanging in there and not giving up on H-hour but I just can't do that anymore myself after recent things I've seen personally. It's clear at least to me that they don't think people here represent the majority of opinions or feature preferences in the Socom community.

    We know better from years of experience with the forums and seeing where the landslides were in opinions and preferences. So there's nothing left to do now but sit back and let them find out the hard way that the people they thought were "just some trolls" were the people trying to help them right the ship, tell them what they need to hear to make this thing work rather then just telling them what they want to hear. Ego stroking yes men won't sell units. Only gameplay features that hooked the Socom community to begin with can convince them to pull the wallet out. If Socomers were willing to buy just any shooter with any features in it they wouldn't need a project like H-Hour, they could just pick up any one of the 100 shooters already on the market. Not sure if SOFs or some of the "yes men" to every feature suggestion from other games understand that concept.
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  6. I wonder how many insecurities you have to have to screw over every person who has a negative comment against you? Like, he's our own Kanye West.

    "Luke imma let you finish IP ban you but I just gotta say that I'm the greatest game creator of all time".
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  7. xCaZx-

    xCaZx- Socom Refugee

    So...anyone else still holding out for those bans to be lifted? lol
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  8. /SS/ PEIPER

    /SS/ PEIPER Finisher

    Yea right.. That shit ain't happenin, but Wit will keep his tunnel vision and not chance angering his overlords.
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  9. MR.BLUE

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  10. SGP421

    SGP421 Fish Market Janitor

    So according to their forums, their PC beta is "at or near capacity". However, they have decided to re-open additional beta access codes for people that donate $45. This was posted as of Monday. Responses?

    Sock account #1

    homeless - I do not have a computer, but I want to donate ps4 could you give me the opportunity

    Real account

    XredX - I can't wait! David Sears and the rest of SOF Studio has gone above and beyond the call, thanks guys.

    (Totally awesome that David Sears is back on the team!)

    Real account

    nickdrizzle - I bought access during the bake sale and am in the same boat. PS4 if possible!

    (a sucker is born every day of the year)

    Real account

    xalted -
    Well my original plan was only to get the PS4 beta.... I just dontated toward this effort.... can't wait to build my PC! H-HOUR ALL DAYYYYY!

    (gunny donated $150+ at first, donated another $45 on top of that for a PC beta? Feel sorry for you Socrackhead)

    Real account

    Danger - I m thinking about donating again lol and get the pc verison as well.

    (Put down the wallet and step away from the computer!)

    lopsidedpeguins - Same! I never had the option to choose either.

    (What LOL?)

    shudrski - I totally thought the $45 was for the ps4 closed beta [​IMG] Dont have gaming pc :'(


    There's more nonsense but that's enough. I wonder how long they are going to draw out this beta/early access process and suck more and more money out of the community in exchange for empty promises.
  11. UnSeenDeath88

    UnSeenDeath88 Butcher Pete

    Sof can keep me banned I don't give a flying fuck anymore. The guys here are fucking awesome and if it wasn't for nearly all of you I would have stopped posting a long time ago. And now with the shit I got going on I would say I wish they would burn in a fiery explosion but that's too harsh, so I'll just go with I hope they announce that this horrible excuse for a indie studio will be closing soon.

    Oh sweet the censor is off fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck.
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  12. Tawok

    Tawok Not *That* Kinda Guy

    Shit winds are blowin Rand.

    We're about to see a category 5 shit twister
  13. JayO

    JayO Grim Reaper

    That is a crying fuckin shame. Sorry to hear, man. Had a feeling it'd get worst.
  14. Mike 51-50

    Mike 51-50 Night Stalker

    I think this just might of confirmed HHOUR will ship with zero anti cheat\auto banning system. Even if it had one like Punkbuster or VAC(Valve anti cheat) it would not stop people from hacking on PC. But, at least on Counter-strike, if you cheat, you have a chance of never being able to play any of your steam games online ever again. I personally never thought David Sears analytics system was going to do anything either.
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  15. Buchanans

    Buchanans Breach Bandit

    (Maybe go look at that again)

    So yeah anyways... doesn't change much though. SOF still sucks.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Im gonna really enjoy sitting back and watching them crash and burn.

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  17. SGP421

    SGP421 Fish Market Janitor

    Good point, that was from 2014. My bad.
  18. Bigfry

    Bigfry Cancer-Free

    Ding Ding Ding
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  19. /SS/ PEIPER

    /SS/ PEIPER Finisher

    So anything not related to the topic has been deleted. Are you still IP banned LUKE?
  20. Spazz Brown

    Spazz Brown Navy SEAL

    Well at least I want you guys back over there apparently there are still factions that don't get it or don't care or both. Well it would have been nice to have the support of you guys when I try to argue against non Socom 1/2 features it's obvious by Sofs actions that this won't be the case and you guys won't be getting a fare shake if they unbanned you guys. Sad really this could have been a great game.

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