Kmart Destroys Newly Crowned Halo Champion!

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by K_M_A_R_T, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. K_M_A_R_T

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    Just recently changed to a different editing software which allowed me to do different things. Was hoping some of you could watch and give me some feedback on things you liked, disliked and maybe creative ideas on what I could do in the future. Thanks to anybody that watches!

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  2. SkiMask

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    Really quick and off the cuff: Watched for a minute and your title never leads me to where you wanna go. I see the highlight reel portion and although I don't watch barely ANY Halo or FPS content I feel your subject is not what's represented. You put up the collage of their team (which I assumed the Champion was on, but I also wondered if it was YOUR team but I didn't see you (I know what you look like to make that connection, most wont))

    The content and transitions themselves were solid and you did a little zoom trick in the beginning which is also a step up and now you just have to be clever with it and use it sparingly.

    Music volume to sound effects seems appropriate. Length of cuts are short and sweet'ish.

    I liked the diversity of the maps you captured and it was well rounded for a highlight reel. I feel it still needs an actual story and you need to convey that through music, your highlights, static imagery, pop culture and relevance.

    I like it, but don't love it. I'm also a picky bitch so there is that. Oh and sub 4 minutes is good, not great. Would 3 minutes or less be appropriate for this message to be conveyed? Tighter is better. Quality over quantity. You could trim each highlight a smidge and carve up a minute easy.
  3. K_M_A_R_T

    K_M_A_R_T Code 9

    I learned from Youtube that click bait can never be wrong so that's why the title is that lol but thank you for the criticisms
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  4. SkiMask

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    Damn I actually thought you took one down (champion). In that case, by all means title it however to get the widest reach. Was gonna add that you could've tried to put "name tapes" on him (your victims) to try for something a little tougher. Worst case, all the dead WERE the newest Halo champion and that receives its own vitriol in some higher level multifaceted witty fuck you to those in the know.
  5. K_M_A_R_T

    K_M_A_R_T Code 9

    No i did take out one of the champions just by him having first shot and out shooting him but that was the first and only clip of me doing that, the rest is just overkill clips that I collected in a week. What I should of did was circle the guy in the middle which is the one I outshot and then maybe it would of made more sense to people not necessarily involved in the competitive halo scene
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  6. SkiMask

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    Then I would also still make the others "appear" as if they were also him and you could change it to a Pwnage of the champion and it could swell to its own thing and might get more traction too. Not to mention it wouldn't be easy to make the scenes appear like that, but could be a fun test of your skills.

    It could cause some turmoil which could be good and fun exposure.

    But yeah for someone like me I didn't quite follow the bouncing ball because of ambiguity; just means you have to sometimes speak to the dumbest audience and in this context that would be someone like me. Either way, your learning and aspiring to get better so its all gravy. If you weren't trying to evolve or got pissy about the criticism I would think you above reproach, but glad to see that's not the case.
  7. K_M_A_R_T

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    Ok so find ways to make content for both the people in the know and the people out. Got it.
  8. WAR_PIG

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    Love the music choice. Might be fun to add in some commentary and kind of shit talking? Other than that, nicely done sir.
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  9. K_M_A_R_T

    K_M_A_R_T Code 9

    Thanks for the criticism, hopefully I can keep improving on small things and make the channel more consistent.

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