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Discussion in 'Graphics Portal' started by UltimateSniper90, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. UltimateSniper90

    UltimateSniper90 Green Up

    Well i try getting in Contact with the orignal creater of these SIGs[​IMG]

    So with a little help from my Clan mate...He made this SIG[​IMG]
    This was his basic Template. He sent me the .psd file for the SIG. I took his SIG and changed out a few things.

    This is what i came up with. What do you Guys think?
  2. Joker

    Joker 203 Spammer

    Very nice bro!!
  3. UltimateSniper90

    UltimateSniper90 Green Up


    not bad for only 2 weeks using Photoshop
  4. Joker

    Joker 203 Spammer

    I wish I had the ability to create templates but I just plain out cant, I have no problem creating the image to go in the template but that is about it. Good stuff there!!
  5. xSnEaKy-Gx

    xSnEaKy-Gx Green Up

    Those are excellent, nice job.
  6. Multipletarget

    Multipletarget Green Up

    Should Try a Different Bevel and emboss Setting Or Just take it off :)
    Add More Layers to you Templates :)
    good Start tho
  7. MSR--914

    MSR--914 Green Up

    Very Cool!

    SPACEforRENT Green Up

    sniperkid?...same sniperkid from
  9. GenSpall

    GenSpall Green Up

    Nice, I liked the sig with the Joker clapping, that was pretty sweet!
  10. EliteBull41

    EliteBull41 Green Up

    You take requests?
  11. broooooo what is that spider that attacks that grasshopper, that was crazy lol.

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