SOCAST Episode 19 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'SOCAST' started by LUKENBACHER, Jul 27, 2012.


    LUKENBACHER (Retired) TRS Staff

    [align=center]Listen to Episode 19 here.[/align]

    LUKENBACHER (Retired) TRS Staff

    Our SOCAST podcast archive can be found in our "SOCAST" forum section, which includes links to every podcast we have released over the years.
  3. BiZaRGirl

    BiZaRGirl 203 Spammer

    Loved it! I actilly grabbed a drink and enjoyed the whole SOCAST. I think you guys should do more, more often. I know theres a big lack of SOCOM news... But it really sparks the BIG SOCOM light of mine. I could listin to a 10 hour SOCAST if you ever made one. See you guys this weekend.
  4. MSR--914

    MSR--914 Green Up

    You sure have been filled with ideas lately...who are you?
  5. McNoob

    McNoob Animal Doctor

    He's our friendly neighborhood gangster.
  6. SofaKingGood

    SofaKingGood Butterstick

    Nice SOCAST, I just got a chance to listen this morning. To answer your last question the most under rated map IMO is Requim.
  7. WarMachine_v1

    WarMachine_v1 TRS Staff

    Ah true! I agree with that actually upon further thought.
  8. FrOg.

    FrOg. Green Up

    I pretty much agree with a lot points covered by you guys.. It was like you guys were reading my mind. I was satisfied and felt a sense of closure after listening. Its been a great run and I am ready for some new memories.. CS:GO looks like its going to be the new crack and I plan on playing it like I did Socom, like

    Good luck to those supporting Serellen with hi hopes. I hope you find everything you look for in that game, though I have a feeling you guys will be disappointed, of course that is just my opinion and I could be

    MrTERRARISK Green Up

    Good stuff fella's! Awesome podcast.
  10. Zach_Novak

    Zach_Novak 203 Spammer

    highlight, picking every lemon off that tree and finger fuck all of them hahahahahahahahahah

    enjoyed all the F-bombs by Luke around the 37min mark. bit of passion out of the old fella, good to see.

    'i respawned...' line of the podcast had me in a fkn stitch hahaha

    LUKENBACHER (Retired) TRS Staff

    LOL, I'm only 31... glad you enjoyed the show!
  12. BigFred18

    BigFred18 Butterstick

    Great map, I played it off and on back in the day but after my recent "spurt" in S2 this year, I remembered how great of a map it was. Nothing was better that running around as the chick with red dress and killing people.(forgot her name, it might of been Valeska.)
  13. Zach_Novak

    Zach_Novak 203 Spammer

    yeah i know, i'm 27 so you'll always be older than me :D
  14. Chubear

    Chubear Green Up

    Wow, that was a really quality podcast. A bit long but quality stuff though. These are for real Socomer & gamers. I have no clue how Sony/Zipper doesn't have people like these on their team. Very intelligent, engaging discussion well above the regular gaming podcast stuff even from game developers.
  15. WarMachine_v1

    WarMachine_v1 TRS Staff

    Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. It was a little long because we had a live chat and it was more conversational, so it just flowed nicely.
  16. Medux

    Medux iDub Scrub

    Yeah this podcast was awesome too listen too. Good job guys !
  17. GoDsReMeDy

    GoDsReMeDy Green Up

    I really enjoyed that podcast, keep it up fellas thx.

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