TRS Article: Foxhunt - Unreleased SOCOM 4 DLC (pics inside)

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    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

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    TRS Article: ... com-4-dlc/






    *Credit to Stealth for the find:
  2. Dirty_Walter

    Dirty_Walter Requiem

    RE: TRS Article: Foxhunt - Unreleased SOCOM 4 DLC

    That is absolutely fucking beautiful!

    Foxhunt is definitely in my 5 all time favorites. Right up there with DG and Crossroads.... Probably my 3rd favorite map.

    The screen shots are incredible and its a damn shame that map with that level of quality was never released. Great post though.

    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    RE: TRS Article: Foxhunt - Unreleased SOCOM 4 DLC

    I love Sujo, Fish Hook, and Requiem, and would pay a pretty penny to play them again on next gen. I wonder what else Zipper had planned?
  4. UrbanTactics

    UrbanTactics Chopsticks

    I find it weird that Zipper didn't incorporate more random road blocks for you to use the cover system on.
    But damn, this looks beautiful.
  5. J-Put

    J-Put Grenade Spammer

    I cried a little. My favorite map ever, and it looks so damn pretty. Especially love the fog. The limited view range was such a huge factor on this map, it just wouldn't look right without a nice thick layer of fog.
  6. Eminem

    Eminem Devil's Road

    RE: TRS Article: Foxhunt - Unreleased SOCOM 4 DLC

    OMG could you imagine Requiem redone like this? I would loose my mind, that's my favorite socom map of all time.
  7. Murphdawg1

    Murphdawg1 Requiem

    I didn't play this map very much on Socom 2 but damn that looks beautiful.
  8. JayO

    JayO Grim Reaper

    That looks sexy!
  9. Dirty_Walter

    Dirty_Walter Requiem

    RE: TRS Article: Foxhunt - Unreleased SOCOM 4 DLC

    Fish hook, absolutely. Great great map. Requiem and sujo, not so much imo. I would love blood lake or even enowapi. Enowapi was not really one of my all time favorites but I played some killer rounds on there. The whole up hill battle thing was a great concept... And with a fresh coat of paint that map could come out incredible!

    But yeah, crawling prone through foxhunt and sniping was definitely sweet.
  10. Smokey_Run

    Smokey_Run Retired 2011-2017

    I'd love to see what else was left on the cutting room floor, especially in regards to unfinished DLC that never saw the light of day.

    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    I do not think it would be crazy to say that Foxhunt was not getting released solo. I wonder if there were more classic maps, and/or new maps planned as well? Maybe Breach, Escort, and Extraction were being considered? Who knows?

    If there is more art floating around out there, I am sure it will surface eventually...
  12. Stealth

    Stealth Foxhunt

    Do any of you really think that this being next-gen hardware designed, that the infamous fog banks of SOCOM PS2 were accidental?

    Well, in part they were, having no draw distance would've changed the way sniping occurred on this map, regardless if it played like the mess S4 was or if it played like a true SOCOM game (IE. SOCOM 2!)

    I think it just goes to show, that design-wise, this map blows no matter what you do to it.
    I too think there was more to come, but given the timing of Zipper's closing was super ironic being as I was working (very lazily) on a CryEngine 3 version of "The Mixer."

    Was doing basic asset/environment modeling in Unity, nothing special or fancy, kind of like an explanatory demonstration. Super embarrassing if I were to show you, though things have changed.

    I keep that work offline.

    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    Considering Foxhunt didn't really have any major chokepoints, I think something more than just changes in elevation were needed. I think the fog limited the distance that scopes could leverage so it didn't become a complete campfest. The elevations coupled with the fog prevented the map from being completely wide open, and provided a little bit of advantage for SEALs to complete their objective. Without the fog, any advancements would be seen from a mile away. The fog closes that window of time and distance just enough to balance the map out a little better.

    In regards to the fog in general on the previous SOCOMs, I think this was a two fold thing. 1.) Limiting the sight distance limited the graphics processing demand, and probably freed up some processing power for other assets in general. 2.) I think it added some much needed restrictions for scopes across the board.

    S1 & S2 did this right. Small scope views and limited distance prevented just anyone from being a viscious sniper. On S3/CA, Con, and S4, the scope views became larger, and a player could see much further. On the PS3 versions in HD, Con more specifically, this concept reared it's ugly head. Amateurs could snipe all day long, and average sniper clans could run maps. (not to mention the thermal whoring)

    Next gen or not, I honestly like the fog and narrow scope views.

    I think it's awesome you work on map designs for fun. Sometimes I wish I would have done that instead of video editing and website stuff.

    I hope that one day you share your work. But watch out, GoodfellaJay might steal your footage and make a video...

    xPREDICTIONx Requiem

    If this released today, I'd go buy Socom 4, along with the DLC pack and just take a few laps.
  15. Stealth

    Stealth Foxhunt

    Agreed obviously, but Mr. Sears over on the SOF H-hour forums, in an interview that you all know of, said that due to the PS2, the fog was always there, it just was and there was nothing they could really do about it.

    So take that away, and you see a PS3 version of the map, "inducing" that design influence (I guess) to complete the illusion of a good map.

    Is that what I'm seeing when I look at these photos?
    A question we all need to really ask ourselves.
  16. Smokey_Run

    Smokey_Run Retired 2011-2017

    The cynical side of me wants to say Foxhunt was the only classic map in the pack in order to drive sales. :grin:

    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    I still think the fog was merely a throttling of the graphics demand, but I could be wrong. If you have time, link the interview with the time stamp of when Sears is talking about it.

    That being said, the fog wasn't present in the other SOCOM 4 maps, so this was obviously designed on purpose. And I think the reason it was intentionally put into the PS3 version is because of the game balance I spoke about earlier. Or maybe it is just something as simple as trying to replicate the original, and the fog seemed like a nice touch.
  18. Smokey_Run

    Smokey_Run Retired 2011-2017

    I'm pretty sure Seth spoke to the issue of fog on a Zipline episode. It was there to cut down the draw distance to get better performance. However, some of those maps could not exist without the fog, like Foxhunt.
  19. HorizonSky

    HorizonSky iDub Scrub

    Dude.........It's just so fucking sad to see this....I was in complete shock when the pictures loaded up. Such a waste of talent and beautiful design that went completely down the drain. This map had so much SO MUCH potential. I always thought FOX HUNT was the most adventurist map out of the selection. It gave socom the feel of an actual mission and with that beautiful horizon and fog in the background, it mad gamers feel even more great.

    This is my first visit back to the forums in about 4 months, I'm still wondering if Socom still has a chance or all we just hanging around still wishing our dreams would come true. But, the post of the pics of FOXHUNT made me feel a little bit better giving me thoughts of old memories I used to experience.
  20. Hell-RaizeR

    Hell-RaizeR "Raizing HeLL since 1981"

    Foxhunt looks awesome! I haven't logged on in a while but it is good to see you guys still giving it your all for this game. I've always been surprised that many people haven't wanted maps like Sujo, Enowapi, and Sandstorm.

    Keep up the great work gentlemen and hopefully one day our dreams will come true! My ps3 took a crap about a year ago. I haven't gotten around to fixing it yet cause i've been on xbox. I would like to try Xlink though, so hopefully i'll get it fixed.

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