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    Just going to say a few things after reading some threads. We apparently have some people who are either delusional, or who just have a very short term memory.

    First off let's talk about "the leadership" of this site. The idea that the site has gone downhill due to a lack of "leadership" is delusional. Troll fests were not something that started when Luke left, they were not something that started when rev left, they have always been here. Even before many of us left the official Sony forums to make this our regular site troll fests in the Socom community is something that has always been going on. My 50 page back and forth troll fest threads with guys like Swill when we had the S1/S2 vs S3/CA arguments all the time were going on at a time when virtually all of the staff were here and active. I'd go as far as to say the trolling on that scale with that kind of persistence where a thread would go on like that for a week has been rare these days.

    Then there is the delusion that perhaps we don't have a Socom game because the "Socom community is toxic" or that we somehow have the power to make a Socom game happen. We don't, we never had that kind of sway and we never will. Even if we were the biggest Sony boot lickers in the world, a Socom would not happen. If we were the most welcoming of all Socom fans of all iterations as well as all copycat products a new Socom would not happen. Nor would it have any affect on the attendance here. Socom forum attendance dies when we go through long periods of time with no new Socom news, not only here, that was always the case on Sony's Socom forums as well.

    When news of a new Socom came out the "dead community" would rise from the ashes each time for one reason, there was a new Socom game coming, not a rumor, something actually true and confirmed for people to talk about. Being as we are now on the longest drought ever of any news even hinting at a Socom with both Socom experienced devs shut down, the traffic is about as good as it's going to get. With the state of social media today, a lot more people would rather just join a facebook page they can follow rather then chance signing up for a fan site that is not run by a corporation name they know and don't know if they trust any of their info on here. So don't expect some huge surge just because of attitude changes or site redesigns because you're only setting yourself up for inevitable disappointment if you believe that.

    The large majority of Socom fans are not like us, we are the exception not the rule. Most Socom fans don't give two shits about sitting on a forum talking about the game, they don't care to sit and watch other people play the game. Most Socom fans attitude is "get back to me when an official announcement is made for the next Socom game, outside of that I don't give a shit about it". They don't care what we think about Socom, they don't care what clan we played with, they don't care about playing a glitch filled lagfest 10+ year old game on xlink, they don't care about playing an indie imitation, they would only look back this way if they have something new they can play with modern graphics that has a server on par with the stability of more modern online games. Unlike most of us they likely would expect both a new SP campaign along with MP play before they would even look in this direction again.

    Anyone who had some wet dream that when Luke left they were going to convince the people here that the site was broken and that they have the solution to fix it in order to try to step into that role definitely misjudged and I do believe not all but some of the recent critics and "toxic" narrative people believed they were going to be able to make the case to take over this site and run it the way they wanted to. If you want a Socom fan site and you want to dictate the behavior and control what people say then you better go make your own fan site. In fact, I would welcome that. After hearing all the lectures on how our "toxicity" is killing the site and the attendance I would absolutely love to see you people create your own site, mandate the type of behavior you deem worthy of growing the community, and then we'll watch and see how much you site snowballs. Don't preach to us, go out and show us how it's done. Set up your own Socom fan site and by all means put us to shame. I can already tell you that what you are going to find is a dead community because...let it come... let it come....there has been no Socom iteration since 2011, no news hinting at a Socom, and no dev with any experience with it in business. Most people do not want to sit around talking about a game that they assume is now obsolete and has been for 6 years.
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    I'm sorry you see this place is such a small way.
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    The whole point of this site was to have a place where people could speak their minds without having to worry about over moderation and the risk of being banned because you took a different position than someone else. The site did fine all these years operating like that, its what the site is known for, its the whole foundation the site is built on. So a few people get bugs up their asses and all of the sudden the site needs to change! We need to adapt to the new generation of easily butt hurt children! What else tried to adapt to the new generation over the years? Anyone have a guess? I will give you all a hint, it failed in a spectacular manner. Here is another hint, it started with an S and ended with a OCOM 4.
    So we can either change up the site so a handful of wannabe internet superstars have a safe for work place to advertise their twitch channels so they can live the dream of eating cheetos and playing video games on camera for $3 an hour, or we can continue to do what we have been doing which is speaking our minds on whatever the subject hand happens to be along with calling out the con artists, trolls, and low lifes as they appear


    I see the reality of the situation, nothing less, nothing more.
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  6. SkiMask

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    A guy who professes to not owning a cellular telephone should not speak on subjects clearly out of his purview.

    Can you say GTA Forums? Fucktard. Know what these mean?
    If you did, you'd know you sound as dumb as a fucking box of rocks.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Its these type of hate filled, sexist rants that cause people to not want to join the site. When a potential new member comes here and reads this type of toxic, racist, homophobic manifesto it drives them away.

    I can read between the lines here and see that this is just another example of the toxicity that is allowed to flourish here. I cant believe such blatant sexism is allowed to run wild by the mods here. Its a disgrace.
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    i dont understand this. what were you getting at exactly?
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    So much tocicity going on...

    It doesnt help that there are people on this site that only come here when it benefits themselves like if there is changes to Harrys patch or if they are promoting other websites.
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    Should we chalk that up as "irrelevant post of the day"? lol You take a game with a bigger community and a franchise that is still active and show their activity and you think that somehow proves me wrong somewhere in regards to traffic for an obsolete game that has been shelved indefinitely? lol You know that Sony's Socom forums were the most posted on sub section of Sony's forums when Socom was an active franchise? You know how many posts they get nowadays since the franchise is now considered defunct? Nada, not even a blip on the post radar. Which pretty much reiterates my point in the OP. So you can call me fucktard or say I am dumb as a sack of rocks but what your post has proven is that my IQ is higher then yours when I am sleeping lol.
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    are you comparing TRS to the GTA forums? idk what this is. if thats the case, thats not even a fair comparison. thats like comparing football to hockey in a state like Alabama.

    If you want compare this game or community to another, then compare it to a tony hawk one. both series were epic on the PS2 and have gone to shit because the devs dont listen to the fans.
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    i was thinking thats what he was doing but it makes zero sense. a single game out of the entire franchise that sold 25 million copies which was released in the past couple years has more posters than a game that sold what?11 million copies in total, and hasnt had a new release in what 7 years? has more people posting about it? what are the odds?
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    Dude, those S2/S3 arguments we had weren't trolls. That was an epic, amazing, detailed, well-executed debate that had everyone here tuned into discussing SOCOM for like a week straight. I have absolutely zero regrets about doing that, and you shouldn't either. There was nothing wrong with it.
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    well whoever picked socom 3 was wrong so it was all for nothing....
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    No Drama here as of late..But always nice to see you stop by @Tombstone with another rant..Rage on bro!..Rage on.
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    yup...been pretty quiet around here...
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    I'm not sure anyone really care about what my opinion is on the matter but if you allow yourself to see things from a different perspective for a minute then here it is.

    Censorship never been a good idea but more of a drastic method...and with that we agree. Therefore when there is little to no efforts towards building mutual respect then everyone suffer from it. Everyone have their own opinions and want to be able to exchange them without being automatically attacked with a bunch of shit.

    A little effort with the tone and a balance over the sarcasm would reduce the level of heat by far and keep conversations on the subjects that matters. I'm not going to point my finger towards anyone because hell..i'm probably guilty myself on some occasions but thinking about how we go moving forward would help getting new people to open up more often.
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    The Socom community doesn't need to conform to anything. We are from the early 2000s and we aren't from this new generation that gets butt hurt and everything needs to be politically correct.

    Sure we have back and forth arguments on here and sure we call people out on BS if we feel that's what their posting but at the end of the day we all squash it and move forward like brothers. Literally the majority of members on here have gotten in heated back and forths with another member but eventually we get over it like adults and we move forward like a community.
    Shit I went at Macks neck for 3 days straight and then we bonded on how funny Charles Barkley was and how much of an asshat Terrel Owens point is open dialogue and honest opinions on here have always been a good thing.

    Conform to the Socom community, not the other way around.
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    I don't think there is anything wrong with TRS. I think Social Media has taken it's toll on fan pages or websites like TRS. I am willing to bet if TRS had an active FB page to go along with their twitter, streamed SOCOM on that page, and promoted it. It would have a really large following.
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