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Discussion in 'TRS Support' started by Animal-_-, Oct 25, 2017.

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    Effective immediately, the TRS staff has decided to put the forums here into read only mode. It's been extremely quiet on first party SOCOM news for quite a few years now and assorted indie projects and efforts from this site have failed to get noteworthy traction in the interim for their respective reasons. We think it's very likely that only official news about SOCOM would be enough to pull the community out of the stagnant place it's been in for a while now and that this is at the core of why we're in this situation in the first place.

    The lack of significant news and the corresponding decline in traffic to the site and participation on the forums has gotten to the level where we don't feel like it's necessary to have a place for a constant public conversation about SOCOM here.

    We've tried to always provide our members with a place that was more censor free than other gaming forums, where you could speak your mind about controversial topics within the SOCOM community and offer a voice to those who felt like their opinions weren't being given a fair chance to be heard through more official channels. We think we've accomplished that goal in addition to promoting numerous community projects, impacting their visibility and progress in a meaningful and positive way.

    As I said earlier though, only the forums will be in read only mode. Members will still be able to access and create private messages, those members who have tutorial or news threads (Xlink, Patch, Emulator, eSeals, etc.) can still have them updated by messaging @Animal-_- and we will still be monitoring our social media and promoting SOCOM related things through those outlets in addition to hosting streams here.

    Stay in touch through PMs and Discord, keep playing SOCOM with each other on Xlink, support those who make SOCOM content and/or stream the games for fun and competition, and keep following us through social media as well as using your own to spread news about our beloved franchise. Once we feel like there is some news that justifies having a public forum to properly discuss it all we will be right back in it with you guys, ready to give the community the support it needs and that we know we can provide. This is not the end.
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