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  1. http://socomlan.com/xlink/smartguide.php

    The XLink smart guide above asks you a series of questions and display content base on your answers. This actually been around for a while now, but lot of people don't seem to know it exists so I posting it here.
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    Hey Dominator94 Some very cool people and those sort of new to this scene and site would like very much for you to explain exactly why there is no SVDL. Would you mind doing it here just a little blurb in your own words on why you think SVDL isn't being adopted or utilized. Thanks SO much in advance for your time and dedication to helping folks access XLink and I do hope someday your talents will be harnessed for much more than currently.
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  3. Since it not fully release to the public I will guess is the reason for it not being adopted, or utilized. Not everyone wants to donate $5 to get early access to it. The reason for that option was I figure people welling to donate at least $5 will be more supporter of it than if it was release to everyone.

    I don't want to release it until it as close to 100% perfect as it can be. As of why it has not got to that point is I work on it on and off. Recently after moving like a little over a month ago and other things have not really had time to work on it.

    The current state of the application is 100% functional. Besides making improvements to it. One of the major milestones that as not been reach is porting it to OS X. For the most part the code very cross platform, but will probably need to sprend a weekend, or two working on that.
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    I have SVDL, I spent the 5 to get it and wouldnt mind if more people got it so we could test some games on it and see if it lags less or disconnects less than xlink. The User Interface is much more user friendly.
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