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    Hey guys, currently trying to DIY myself a YouTube banner to replace the pile of shit I have currently. What I'm trying to accomplish is having my background as this:

    YT Banner Rough.png
    Yes, it's blurry as all hell, such is life with the PS2. Theoretically I could get something better with an upscaled emulator or a modded PS2 for the same, but that's a down the line objective for me. Would be a waste anyways, with my presumably weak image manipulation skills.

    On top of this layer, I want to have the blue box from the SOCOM II HUD, the one that would display objectives, kills, and taunts and such.

    HUD Demo.jpg (thanks paul)

    This might already be available as an asset, but I wouldn't know where to look. Anyone have any leads? Much appreciated.

    On top of that, I would have my channel name, as well as some blurb about my content inside the blue box with the appropriate font you see in-game. This, I am led to believe is probably floating around the net as well.

    If anyone can help me track some of these things down, I would greatly appreciate it and totally shout you out on my channel page, graciously granting you exposure to my massive pool of 14 subscribers.
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    Not to muck this up, but after a few minutes I came up with this. I have no idea what a YouTube banner is, but going off what you said this took a second. Try and you'd be surprised what MS paint, Screen shots and your Vision would come up with. I am sure you could download that asset pack from that other thread and go that route. As long as it isn't something done in AfterEffects or some other CS6 program try that site, sorry for this JV static shit.

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